Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How Much Do You Charge?
A: We have a wide range of prices, and each price is specific to the type of entertainment package we will create for you. It is best to call or meet with us to determine what package would be best for you and we can give you an exact quote.


Q: What if the DJ’s equipment breaks down?
A: Even the best equipment can fail. To insure a continuation of the show, True Believers Entertainment DJ’s carry “back-up equipment” to all our events.


Q: Do we get to pick the music that will be played at our event or does the DJ pick it all?
A: True Believers Entertainment put’s the decision into the customer’s hands. You can provide a list of songs and tell the DJ to stick to that list or trust us to play what we think will work best. If there is anything you don’t want played, we don’t play it. The choice is yours!


Q: Can the DJ stay overtime if need be?
A: Yes. Overtime is always available. Arrangements can be made between you and the DJ to keep going!


Q: Does the DJ take request from our guests?
A: Yes. Your DJ will be more than happy to play requests from your guests, if it’s O.K. with you and the request is appropriate.


Q: Will the DJ play CD’s or MP3’s provided by the customer and / or guest?
A: Yes. If you have music on a CD or flash drive, we will play it.


Q: How will the DJ be dressed?
A: Professional. Unless directed otherwise by you. Other times the attire is causal to fit the type of event. If your party has a special theme, our DJ’s will be happy to dress the part.


We offer superior sound DJ services!

Our Commitment

• Affordable Prices

• Experienced DJ’s

• Sound Quality

• Lighting Quality

• Formal or Casual Attire

• Great Music

• Excellent Service

• Customized Experience

• Reliability


• Weddings

• Birthdays

• School Dances

• Corporate Functions

• 70’s Party’s

• Reunions

• Graduations

• Anniversaries

No Event is Too Small!